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You Are Not Alone

Helping Each Other on Our Rosacea Journey

We’ve all been told the same advice. Stay out of the sun. Don’t eat spicy food. Don’t exercise too rigorously. Avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine. These constraints are both frustrating and unrealistic.

We understand how you feel because we too hear it all the time. Not just as dermatologists, researchers and scientists, but as people with sensitive skin and Rosacea ourselves. Connecting with others who are on the same journey can be helpful. Riversol is dedicated to fostering a community where you can learn, ask questions, post comments, and share your own story.

Help! My Skin is Irritated

We’re here to help

Is your skin irritated and you don’t know why? Not sure where to turn to with sensitive skin care questions? We have qualified Skin Care Advisers waiting to talk to you for free. Personally trained under Dr. Jason Rivers, Riversol Skin Care Advisers can help answer your questions, offer guidance and support, and even customize your regime.

Available from 8am to 8pm PST, Monday through Friday. Call them today Toll Free: 1 866 774 8377 or use this form to email them. Together, we can help you improve how your skin looks and feels.

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